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Drawings & Notes is weblog about contemporary drawing. It started in 2008 as an online research into what a drawing can be in contemporary art. An exploration of the ways artists use the drawing line, marks and scribbles and gesture. Drawings & Notes uses a broad definition of drawing: a work on paper – whatever medium is used –  is a drawing. An oil painting which shows a strong drawing hand  is too. A  gesture in air is a drawing, as is a collection of accidental marks on a wall. Words and scribbles on a partiture can be a drawing. And a smudge on a teared sheet of paper can be a great start.

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Drawings & Notes is curated by Stephan van den Burg, a visual artist from the Netherlands. Drawing plays a predominant role in his art practice.

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A weblog about contemporary drawing, art on paper, notes, scribbles and an occasional painting or photograph.
Curated by Stephan van den Burg

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