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Art on Paper Amsterdam (III)

katrin Bremermann

Katrin Bremermann

M2012(KBMM20_021), 2012
Enamel on waxed paper
57 x 41 cm
links: Galerie Martin Mertens | Katrin Bremermann

Art on Paper Amsterdam
16 – 19 March 2023
Gashouder | Westergas, Amsterdam

Amélie Scotta

Tarpaulin, 2022
Série de dessins au crayon de couleur sur papier, dim. variables
links: Michèle Schoonjans Gallery | Amélie Scotta

Gijs Assmann

Altaglichkeit (IV), 2017
Aquarel, acrylpaint, collage
links: ROOF–A Gallery | Gijs Assmann

Riki Mijling

Image 22-20 Franche vermilion, 2022
Arches paper 400gr, Oil-stick
165 x 126,5 cm
links: Coppejans Gallery | Riki Mijling

Hans Lemmen

Untitled (man-dog-creature), 2022
mixed media and casein on paper
24 x 31 cm
links: Coppejans Gallery | Hans Lemmen

Zaida Oenema

Waves (Blue), 2022
color pencil on paper
manually cut with scalpel
65 x 50 cm
links: Moving Gallery | Zaida Oenema

Florette Dijkstra

Werkkamer van Ellsworth Kelly (studio of Ellsworth Kelly), 2016
pencil on paper
50 x 50 cm
links: Galerie Sanaa | Florette Dijkstra

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