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1 February 2024
Katrin Bremermann Untitled, 2022 lacquer on waxed paper, contemporary drawing

Katrin Bremermann

Untitled, 2022
lacquer on waxed paper
40,5 x 29,7 cm
[Kristof De Clercq gallery]

Charlotte Schleiffert

Gaze, 2023
Pastel crayon, acrylic paint, pastel pencil on paper
147 x 127 cm

Arjan van Helmond

Bed-scape #12, 2023
Ink, acrylics and gouache on paper
166 x 150 cm
[Galerie Gerhard Hofland]

Serge Vandercam

Composition, 1959
ink on paper
36 x 27 cm
[Callewaert Vanlangendonck Gallery]

Denitsa Todorova

Butterfly wing #6, 2023
Graphite powder and coloured pencil on paper
25 x 18 cm
[Josilda da Conceição] [Denitsa Todorova]

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