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16 March 2023

Stephan van den Burg

Untitled (Borrowed Settings, 12), 2023
colored pencil on paper
29.7 x 21 cm
links: Gallery Helder | Stephan van den Burg

Art on Paper Amsterdam
16 – 19 March 2023
Gashouder | Westergas, Amsterdam

Sigrid van Woudenberg

Earphones (Ophelia), 2022
Siberian chalk and pastel on paper
185 x 150 cm
links: Gallery Helder | Sigrid van Woudenberg


portrait #50, 2022
ink on Hahnemühle paper
links: Gallery Helder | Himmelsbach

Lenneke van der Goot

Blue Haze, 2023
lithography, pastel, ink and collage on paper
35 x 50 x 0,5 cm
links: Art Gallery O-68 | Lenneke van der Goot

Rozemarijn Westerink

La Pature 06-22-863, 2023
pen and ink on paper
16 x 24 cm
links: Art Gallery O-68 | Rozemarijn Westerink

Maaike Kramer

Schetsontwerp 21, 2023
Engobe/slip on porcelain
28 x 20 cm
links: Art Gallery O-68 | Maaike Kramer

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