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24 September 2019
Vija Celmins | Untitled (Big Sea #1), 1969 | Graphite on acrylic ground on paper

Vija Celmins

Untitled (Big Sea #1), 1969
Graphite on acrylic ground on paper

Vija Celmins. To Fix the Image in Memory
24 September 2019 – 12 January 2020
The Met, New York

[from the pressrelease]
The retrospective ‘Vija Celmins. To Fix the Image in Memory’ will provide a comprehensive view of Vija Celmins’s career through a selection of approximately 120 works—from her earliest paintings made in Los Angeles in the 1960s to objects completed in New York in the last five years.

Throughout an accomplished career that spans more than fifty years, Celmins has sustained a practice of deep focus and extraordinary skill in a wide range of media. Celmins bases her exquisitely wrought paintings, sculpture, drawings, and prints on the world around us—sometimes through direct observation, but more often mediated by photography. Whether her sources are quotidian objects from her first studio in Venice, California, photographs of the Pacific Ocean taken at the local pier, or reproductions from newspapers, magazines, scientific exploration and inquiry, the resulting work possesses a magical verisimilitude.

Vija Celmins

Untitled (Double Desert), 1974
Graphite on acrylic ground on paper
32.1 × 61.3 cm

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